Willenhall Transport Show

Date(s) - 30/06/2024
10:30 - 15:00

Willenhall Park


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Willenhall Transport Show 2024 in collaboration with West Midlands Classic Club will take place on Sunday June 30th open to the public from 11am till 3am.

Anyone who wants to attend on the club stand, please register vehicle details in the ticket section and agree to the required terms and conditions.

The local authority now requires that all vehicles are on site and static by 10:30 am and to remain static until 3 pm.

Entrance to the exhibitor’s field will be via Pinson Road and will open at 8 am until 10.30 am.

At 10.30 entry to the exhibitor’s entrance will close. Each vehicle will be directed to their parking zone and engines must be turned off.

At 3 pm vehicles will be escorted off the field and out of the park. Permission to use the Parks facilities in future years requires that we adhere to speed limits, maintain a safe environment for all visitors and respect the neighbourhood.

Failure to keep the field clear of any moving vehicles between 11 am and 3 pm will jeopardise future shows .

There will be toilets in the exhibitor’s field, various vehicle judging and a compere interviewing exhibitor. A donation to one of our local Willenhall Charity’s would be appreciated from exhibitors.

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