Committee Meeting Minutes – 2016

Committee meeting minutes – Tuesday 18th October 2016

Harry let Neil know he would not be able to attend the meeting a couple of days ago.

Recap last minutes:
Ellen still to price up a pop-up banner.
Ellen still to re-do the promotional clothing picture. Due to new items added.

Jennings is happy to put some posters up and promote the club, Neil to confirm sponsorship/discount or both?
Re-iterate show booking process to members in Christmas magazine and at AGM.

Price up Weekend away for June as this is a month that always seems to lack shows and events, see last minutes. Possibly to include tour of Titanic Brewery.

Van signwriting, we have been quoted £150.00 with another supplier, Allan and Neil to arrange getting the work carried out.

Allan raised that it would be a good idea to add the committee members to the insurance to drive the van.

Ellen to remember to send minutes to Allan for website.

Feedback forms:  Print form or Online form
Forms to be produced in order to get feedback from members so any concerns or suggestions can be raised at the AGM.

Restoration Show NEC:
Awaiting confirmation that we have a stand.

Breakfast runs:
December 11th – Apley Farm
January 14th – Coventry Motor Museum
February 19th – The Lazy Trout
March 19th – new venue tbc.

We need to look for new venues. Allan will contact Severn Valley to see if there would be an opportunity to hold an event there. Tony and Neil suggested doing the Plum Festival instead of Himley Transport Show. All committee members will look for new events for 2017.

Ellen to add more photos to facebook and create BCCCC dropbox.
Advertise the “OAP” outings on the website usually a Monday, but this can be changed to suit.

Other Business:
Reword some of the club rules – Ellen to change
We need to order passes earlier so that Tony can hand them out at meetings. If people are not going to be able to collect their pass, then they should be charged postage at 53p.
Magazine – ask members if they would prefer to receive the magazine electronically.

Xmas meal – committee decided probably best not to have one as there are a lot of other runs and events on.

Meal at Bennetts End pub – Ellen suggested we meet at the Haden Cross Pub and ask them if they can put on hot drinks (possibly to include a donation for remembrance Sunday). We are awaiting the menu which we will have for the next meeting, Neil and Ellen will also text everyone and ask for £10 deposit per person.

Allan suggested that we possibly need someone else, as backup, to be able to access and run the website, Kirsty Moore has been suggested and will be asked if she would like to do this.

Committee meeting minutes – Tuesday 12th January 2016

Apologies –  None

2015 Recap Good/Bad –  Apley Farm went well and should be kept, there is no entrance fee.

Dormston school was not so good and will be held at a smaller venue this year. We will not attend this year but will look to go in 2017.

Tony has emailed the friends of Buffery Park, but is yet to receive a reply.

Coventry Car Museum re-opens 1st April, Tony has had a number of enquiries about this and it has been suggested that we go by train. Tony will look into arranging this.

Neil suggested that if we like the Bennetts End pub we could go there in the summer for a Sunday lunch, as something different.

Allan provided a list of shows we attended last year and also a list of shows we have so far for 2016.

Ellen suggested that we advertise the Restoration show at Stonley on the other events page and then if Ellen gets the Groupon voucher again for the show we can add a link to the website for people.

Neil asked Allan to make a definite list of club shows and events and non-club shows and events.

Shows/Events –   Tony going to look into Eaton Manor show/weekend.

We don’t want to do Stourbridge carnival again this year as a club, so it will be put on the non-club shows/events page.

Old Hill and Wordsley shows will be on the club shows/events list.

Ragley Hall is a definite, Malvern show on non-club page, Pride of Longbridge on club page, Netherton Park on club page, Brightwells on club page. Apley Farm on club page, Chaddersley Corbett on club page, Enville on club page, Mary Stevens Hospice on club page, Himley Hall on club page, Bumble Hole on club page, Scarecrow festival on club page, Malvern on club page, NEC we’ll have to wait and see.

Ludlow festival – Neil and Ellen to look into.

Car and coffee in April – Tony to confirm.

We need to decide when we do breakfast and road runs;

Breakfast runs – to be done once a month from Feb to June Oct 2016 to June 2017. We need to go and find some new breakfast venues.

So far we have booked: Feb 7th – Ludlow & March 13th – Redditch

Evening runs – To be updated as they come through.

Mr & Mrs Night for June 24th (17th if not available) – Ellen to organise at The Cradley Sports and social club. To include a fish and chip supper.

Website –   Allan is doing a fantastic job and it has enhanced the club tremendously this year, Allan will advise us when the fees are due for it.

Ellen to let Allan have another copy of the magazine.

Allan does a backup regularly in case the website crashes, however he needs more storage space, which for an extra £5.00 we can have 2 and a half times the storage space, which the committee agreed to.

Stand Equipment –   £150.00 approx for upright banner for benefits, we need to think of a phrase for m/ship fee.

£100.00-150.00 Pop up banner.

Table cloths

Ellen to get definite prices on the above items

NEC –   We have applied again for 2016 – yet to hear back.

2015 was a great success and having walked round the show our stand was one that stood out from the crowd and embraced the theme.

Membership Fee 2017 –  Agreed £12.50 single and £22.00 for joint.

The increase in membership fee is due an increase in outgoings as the club expands and upgrades.

Agreed for Ellen to buy A3 Printer for newsletter.

Calendars 2017 –   The club lost over £100.00 on the calendars so it has been decided that we won’t do them again. Ellen has suggested looking at some branded air fresheners as a replacement, this needs to be looked at the next committee meeting with the view of purchasing them when there are funds available. Ellen will price them up.

Club Car –  Marina is running OK, however it is not being used to its fullest, the bodywork has gone quite bad over the last 6 months, the club cannot afford to start putting money into a car. It has been suggested that we sell the Marina and use Neil’s BMW as the club car, when we weigh in scrap we use the BMW, it is used for towing vehicles. The Marina would probably fetch £2000.00 in its current state and Neil is happy to sell the BMW to the club for £500.00, he will continue to pay the insurance and the road tax. However, if the BMW is no longer any good for the club, Neil will buy it back at the same price. Harry, Allan and Tony will be added to the insurance too.

All committee members agree to sell the Marina and buy the BMW from Neil.

Other Business –   Due to the increase in numbers we have now moved upstairs on a permanent basis, Neil suggested that the raffle prize needs to be better, Allan suggested that we have two prizes, which will be a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, however this will be dependent on the numbers on each night.

Committee meetings will be held quarterly as follows: Tues 19th April,

Neil stated that the scrap has been very slow recently, and it’s down to £20.00 per tonne. We will re-iterate the weigh-ins to the members.

Ellen suggested setting up the show table upstairs for displaying information.

Tony suggested we need passes for every show; Tony will give Ellen a list of shows that we need to supply passes for.

Ellen to buy some display equipment for the show/information table.

Car orientated for sale table 50/50 split with the club.

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