Richard’s Pastiche TA International

Factory built special vehicle with fully reconditioned parts in 1990 by Pastiche Cars Limited in Rotherham (1989-1990). It was based on the design and appearance of a 1928 Aston Martin International. It is believed to be one of just four TA International cars built in the short life of the Pastiche Car Company and the last of this particular design ever built. Pastiche Cars built four models: this TA International, along with the TC Gladiator, the TF Henley and the TD Ascot.

  • Technically a 4 seater (for tiny rear passengers) but is insured and used as a 2 seater.
  • Based on a 1977 Morris Marina 1798cc ‘B’ engine unmodified, single SU HS6 carburettor and associated BMC suspension and running gear (good performance in the garage / on the driveway).
  • Transmission: 1300 BMC 4 speed gearbox (with occasional reverse gear). BMC 1300 rear axle.
  • Wheels: MWS chrome steel 15-inch wire wheels with knock on/off spinners and Grand Prix S tyres (needs dark shades to view in sunlight). Once awarded ‘most sparkly wheels’ trophy by the Black Country Classic Car Club.
  • Weather gear: full tonneau, separate half tonneau and full hood/side screens (mask and snorkel for when it gets really bad)
  • Heater: sort of, I think (perhaps just a rumour, but blanket included just in case).
  • Instruments: MGB. (flying helmet and Mk8 goggles: driver)
  • Brakes: discs front, drums rear (they work OK according to the MOT man).
  • Horn: normal twin tone and a loud air horn (which scares the cats).
  • Suspension: Marina front suspension, upper ball joints and lower trunnions, torsion bar springs with oil filled shocks/dampers. Rear suspension leaf springs and telescopic inboard shocks/dampers (Driver avoids anything 2mm higher than road level)
  • Performance: 0-55 mph is about 12 seconds and has achieved 55 mph top speed as the highest for comfortable driving (without disturbing the driver’s hair too much).
  • Handling: yes, it does this as well.
  • Unique self-closing doors (ask for a demo).
  • Car weight: 800kgs approximately (without the driver).
  • Car length: 4.1 metres (same as a modern Mini with the boot open).
  • Emissions: lots when the choke is used (driver’s emissions classified)
  • Insurance: £98/year. Tax: nil from April 2018
  • Car Value: unknown (but in comparison to an original 1928 Aston Martin International, about 50 times less).
  • History: car has had 2 owners in the last 20 years and has covered a total of 4,500 miles in 27 years. The current owner: Richard (MOT’d until July) has previously owned a Morris Minor, A35 Van, Mk1 Ford Escort Estate and a Dutton Phaeton. He is a causal amateur mechanic and light body ‘sprucerupperer’.

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