Committee Meeting Minutes – 2017

AGM Tuesday 21st February 2017 – 8.30pm usual meeting room at the Old Swan

Please note: following initial feedback the membership fee for 2017 will now remain the same at £10 single and £18.00 for joint, (two members at same address).
To be reviewed for 2018.

Committee meeting minutes – Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Apologies:      Harry spoke to Neil and stated he would not be able to make it.

Recap last minutes:
Pop-up banner – Ellen has priced up and has estimated the cost to be £150.00-£200.00 – the committee have agreed that if the quote comes back between these prices to go ahead and order.

Ellen still to do the clothing pictures.

Neil has spoken to the boss at Jennings and confirmed he is happy to do club MOT’s at £30.00 to club members for the whole of 2017. To be advertised throughout the club.

Ellen to finalise figures and produce flyer for the next meeting.

With respect to the Club Van signwriting, Neil called M&W signs today, he is on holiday and will not be back until 09/01/17, Neil has left a message advising him that we are looking to have the work completed by the end of Feb.

Neil has spoken to Footman James, who have advised that he can have 4 named drivers on, however from July we will be adding Megan on to the policy, so we can change the name from Mel to someone else on the committee. It was agreed to leave the policy as it is until it comes up for renewal and change the name then.

Allan will contact Severn Valley to find out if they have plans for any shows this year that our club may attend.

Ask the members at the AGM if they want the magazine electronically.

Xmas/New year meal to be arranged for 7.30pm on 04/02/2017 and a flyer sent to all members, numbers to be taken on 24/01/17.

Kirsty has confirmed she is happy to have access to the website – Allan and Kirsty to arrange to get together to go through things.

Treasurers report:
To be made available at the AGM and a copy to members with the club magazine.

Feedback forms:
The committee went through the feedback forms and collated the information in preparation for the AGM.

Committee structure: 

Neil Moore – Chairperson/Treasurer – Chairperson/Membership secretary.

Ellen Moore – Promotional clothing/Editor – Promotional clothing/Treasurer

Allan Lavender – Website manager.

Tony Warren – Events coordinator.

AGM Agenda:  


Treasurers report

Committee structure


Other business

 Restoration Show NEC:
We have been offered and have accepted a stand at the restoration show at the NEC. The stand is only big enough for 3 cars, the committee have concluded that the van should go as good advertising and to show variety of vehicles in the club along with two other vehicles, the committee will approach the owners before publishing names and vehicles.

Breakfast runs:
March 19/03/17 – The Leaking Well.
April 23/04/17 – Bennetts End.

Invite members to put information on or contact Allan Lavender about places for repairs etc on the website.

Other Business:
Look to review the membership prices in 2018 and possibly change slightly. To Single/Joint/Under 21’s/Over 65’s.

Members must pay for show passes at the time that they book.


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